….I’m getting there

I can proudly say that I’m now down to £621.97 left to pay on my last credit card.  

It’s an MBNA card – Bank of America!  I know that Dave Ramsey HATES Bank of America! I just recently got paid, and although this month is going to be VERY tricky, as I have extra, and unexpected payments coming out, I’m determined that I take this as a priority and kill the debt-monkey as fast as possible.

I’m skint.  Very skint, however I’m down to just over £600 left to pay and it feels GREAT!  There’s no going back now.  Once you make that commitment and move that money straight away to eliminate your debt, you cannot get it back.  That’s why I had to do it!

Where’s there’s a will there’s a way – I’ll find the ‘extra’ money I need for another project mid December somehow.  I’ll just work on what I’ve got.





So, a lot can happen in the space of 30+ days.  Prepare to be astonished….

Last month’s balance:-


Breakdown in October was as follows:-
I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.

– £1,065.01 chucked at the kitchen loan @ 8% interest. £2,745.71 last month reduced to £1,680.70
– £144.96 minimum chucked at 0% CC.  £7,095.49 last month reduced to £6,950.53

– – –
That’s so OLD-SKOOL… here’s Novembers’ balance, peeps – prepare to be ROCKED…

Last month’s balance = £8,631.23
November’s balance = £1,753.29

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you.  I’m rolling, rolling, rolling, ro-ling with this.  I made a few sacrifices.  I pumped the usual £1,200+ per month into this sucker.  However I also SOLD my frigging shares, man.  And I tell you what – Dave Ramsey made me do it – and I’m forever grateful to the dude!  Plus, being the hustler that I am, I’ve been wheelin’ & dealin’ what whatever extra money I could get my hands on by earning more – thank you Lord for making this possible.

After listening to his radio station everyday, and hearing all of the debt-free stories, horror-debt stories and pure common sense coming out from Dave’s mouth, I thought ‘I don’t need this shit’ and just killed ALL of them.

So now, I’m shares-free.   Don’t freak out people, as it doesn’t bother me.  I’m going to build my wealth the Dave Ramsey way, and follow his BabySteps.  I don’t need single shares – it’s too much of a risk, and that money should be working for ME!  I WANT MY MONEY TO BE MY MONEY, AND NOT TESCO BANK / NATWEST / MAGNET KITCHEN / NOBODY’S BUT MY BANANAS!

So, the kitchen loan is gone – bye, bye sucker!  I’ve now got this little balance left which is on the existing 0%, end of the dreaded Natwest credit card, and by the grace of God this will be gone in the next few months!

I feel so much better now, knowing that I’m nearly out of CONSUMER DEBT.  And to think, those suckers are really bombarding me via email on ‘offers’ and ‘temptations’, but I don’t want it!

I CUT UP EVERY SINGLE CREDIT CARD which I had (even though I wasn’t using them).  I also CANCELLED  and CLOSED all of my card accounts.   Why keep something which I’m not planning to use again – ever!

There’s no going back, people.  This revolution is just around the corner.

Debt-monkey – I’m busting your big red ass!  I refuse to be a victim anymore, people.  Come on, we need a revolution.

Looks like I’m creeping ever closer to having my life back again… 🙂  P.E.A.C.E.

….we’re getting there people.   The debt-monkey is losing the battle of consumerism.  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s getting bigger and bigger.

I’ve made a ‘BIG’ sacrifice recently, and took quite a big chunk of money from my shares to get this ball flying out of the window.  I’m sick to death of being sick to death, and in doing this I’ve killed a number of months off this sucker.

Debt-monkey, you cannot tempt me with your stupid money anymore… Your days are seriously numbered.  Best you start looking for your next victim as I’m evicting you very, VERY soon…


….it’s tough being in debt.  It’s tough each month a percentage of your salary goes to eliminating the debt-monkey.  It’s tough not being able to ‘spend’ this money on yourself, for your own luxuries, gifts, savings, whatever.

However, the toughest thing is admitting that you DO have an issue with money, and dealing with it.

It’s taken me over 20 years to get to this stage in my life – to admit that I have a problem, that I was falling more into debt, and that it was all my fault.  You know what though… I’m glad I’ve gone through all of this.  I maybe poor now, however I’ll be damned if I’m going to stay poor for the rest of my life – I’m determined for this end as a happy ever after story.  It’s my destiny, my choices, and my decisions, and nobody else is to blame but myself.

When I hit rock-bottom in March/April this year it really hit me like a tun of bricks.  The realisation that I was falling deeper and deeper into debt, with the thought of needing things around me constantly, and trying to please everyone but myself.  What really hit me was that it wasn’t the past few years of downward spiral which caused this, but decades of just over-spending for no apparent reason.

Budgeting is the real key here.  I’d never budgeted before in my life, and since my research on the internet reading other people’s debt issues and success stories, I realised that budgeting was one of the main sources for getting out of debt, as well as your mind-set, which has to change!

Please don’t think that my journey has been easy – as it hasn’t.  I’ve had to really dig deep and look at myself in the mirror, and be accountable for all of my past actions.  I’ve had to really want to ‘change’ my ways by any means necessary.  I’ve had to be disciplined and had to make sacrifices – painful sacrifices which some may feel isn’t all that, but to me it IS a big deal.

I’ve been fortunate to have a job which pays a decent salary, which has helped me to climb out of debt with determination and focus.  I’m even more fortunate to of had some money stashed away, whether it was shares or insurance refunds which I’ve fought for – and won.  I’m one of the fortunate ones, and I know that.  I know I’ve been given another chance, and I’m going for it.  I know that the journey would of been more difficult if I had responsibilities (children), so my journey would of been more tough – however what I do know is that I would STILL be as focused, albeit the journey would be taking longer.

Going home to an empty fridge, and only buying food which you need on a weekly basis is tough.  No more booze (alcohol), in the house.  No more luxury food items.  Just the basics which I know will serve me for each month before my next pay day is my sacrifice.

Limiting the amount of ‘event’s I go to has also been a sacrifice.  Not going out with friends and dates because I don’t want to spend any money.  On average, going out to a local pub (bar) where I work, you can easily spend £20-£30 a night on just a few drinks and food!  I cannot afford to do that – not on a regular basis anyhow, maybe once every 2 months just to feel ‘human’ and ‘normal’.

Not buying any clothes and make-doing with what I’ve already got.  That is tough choice, but necessary. Not buying gadgets which I L.O.V.E. so much – wow, it hurts so bad, yet I’ve got to keep away from things like this.  My passion, watching b&w silent movies and going to my favourite cult cinema called the Prince Charles, man I wonder whether they still remember me?  I remember them but I have not gone there since March!  I used to go at least twice a month.  My packed lunches at work is essential, and if I do not have home-made food, I will just have ‘porridge’ for my lunch (yes, I have sachets in my cupboard for days when I haven’t got any food – I’m determined not to spend nearly $10 a day on my lunch. Or if there’s any spare food going around at work, I’m happy to take.  You know what… in the words of TLC ‘I ain’t too proud to beg’).

I’m a hustler… I’m finding ways of making extra money by any means necessary, and I’m using that money to kill my debt, snowballing it whenever it hits my account.  Hundreds and hundreds of pounds (dollars) each month disappearing from my account from my salary and my hustling.  Whether it’s the minimum amount of £800 or more than £1,200, I’m doing it – I’m sacrificing it.  As soon as it goes in, that exact day it’s already flying out to kill the debt – KILL IT!  I’ve got to make this sacrifice.  I’ve got to be focused.  I’ve got to keep up with this gazelle intensity.  I know some may think this is mad, this is stupid, why the intensity, why the hurry, why????

I tell you why, because I’m sick to death of being sick to death of my debt.  I’m sick of having this chalice around my neck.  I’m sick knowing that the majority of stuff which I’ve bought in my life has been on credit and not paid in cash from day 1.  I’m sick that society wants us to stay in debt until the day we die.  I wasn’t bought up this way, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to die this way. I don’t want to owe Mastercard, Visa, nor any other institution.  I don’t want them having a piece of me every month.  They can PISS OFF!

I WANT TO PAY ME FIRST!  I want to give myself at least a third of my salary each month, to put away for a rainy day (and have the option of putting more if I want to).  I want to be in control of my life, and I want it NOW.

So, that’s my answer to anyone who may think that I’m weird or odd.  I know my fellow colleagues look at me in a certain way and think ‘she’s crazy’ however I really don’t care.  I maybe crazy, however I like it this way…

Don’t give up people.  Every decision you make when you get paid is going to be a step closer to you being debt-free one day.

Live like no one else.  So later you can live like no one else.

The kitchen loan is toast… boom!

Debt-Monkey is trying to strangle me, but I’ve just kicked him to the floor.  We’re having a serious barney right now and he’s showing his true colours – damn, he is a tough cookie!

Wish me luck, people.  This fight is getting vicious….


here we go peeps…

Last month’s balance = £9,841.20
This month’s balance = £8,631.23

I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.

– £1,065.01 chucked at the kitchen loan @ 8% interest. £2,745.71 last month reduced to £1,680.70
– £144.96 minimum chucked at 0% CC.  £7,095.49 last month reduced to £6,950.53

I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.  I’ve been earning some ‘hustle’ money big-time.  I’m working hard to earn as much extra money as possible, doing extra ‘jobs’ to chuck at this debt.   I’ve concentrated on my YNAB budget, and also did a written budget from my main man Keith Rowlinson from http://www.eclecticsite.com.  And I’m not forgetting the new kid on the block, Dave Ramsey.
I’ve subscribed to his radio station, and everyday I’m listening to his podcast.  I’m also audio reading ‘Total Money Makeover’ and doing this gazelle intensity.
I can smell the changes coming guys – I’ve got some more money to chuck at this debt in the next 2 weeks, which have been a blessing, as well as a sacrifice.
You’ve got to do it.  To achieve anything in life you’ve got to : be disciplined, sacrifice & have a plan!
I have such a plan – and I’m going for my debt-freedom.
I have a confession to make, I did receive £163:00 refunded back to me from a policy a did a few years ago, and £142:00 of that went on hotel accommodation booking in January for a trip I’m going to.  I felt very guilty for a few weeks thinking ‘I should be chucking that at the debt or emergency fund’.  I’m over it now, however I still feel a little bit of guilt.  On a positive note, I haven’t neglected my emergency fund and I chucked £225.00 at it this month.  However, after listening to Keith and Dave Ramsey, I know that honestly I should be getting that filled up to £1,000 asap, so I’m gonna work on that when I get paid any day soon – honest 🙂
WE CAN ALL DO THIS, PEOPLE – COME ON.  Debt monkey you can kiss my….
(I want this debt gone so badly, it’s giving me headaches, and it’s all I think about everyday.  I’ve got to keep on going – I’ve got to keep this intensity.  I need to be free – however, it’s really exhausting and takes a lot out of you…)

…is in action, folks.  I’ve been too busy and too intense to be writing on this blog for a while, so apologise for that.  However, all I will say to ya’ll is ‘the debt-monkey’s days are numbered’.

He has received his eviction notice, and is furious!  So furious he’s now turned vicious on me.  However, I’m winning this battle people, I’m winning.  Look at his worried face below – hell, I nearly fell for his sad eyes jibe!

This revolution of mine is coming to a head – and fast!

Stats are up next…