Hi all – long time no post!  It’s been nearly a year since my last communication – end of  May 2013 to be exact.  I’m sorry for the lapse, this was caused by:-

– a hectic 2013
– being too tired
– losing a bit of passion due to the hectic 2013 and being too tired
– all the bullshit above

I know it’s lame, but it’s true.  However I’m back so please forgive me as I’ve forgiven myself already, and I think that’s good enough!

A lot has been going on – too much to bore you with, but on the financial side I’m still keeping to my debt-free lifestyle and it’s G.R.E.A.T.   I haven’t looked back.  Yes,  I have messed up a little along the ride (which I’ll post one day, once I get the courage to put it down on paper – at the moment I still feel physically sick thinking about it, let alone admitting it to anyhow outside of my head.  It was for a good cause though, and it made 60+ people very, VERY happy – nuff said).

On the mortgage front I am steaming ahead like a bitch possessed!  I’m down to….wait for it…..£46k, which is around $77k outstanding on the main mortgage only – that’s it.  No second mortgage in site.   I kicked that ass months ago and I religiously double my mortgage payments each month on automatic re-dial.   I ain’t fucking about.  I want this shit gone, it ain’t funny anymore!

And, hear this, I’m starting a little mini-adventure.  I’m doing a side hustle during weekends and nights by being a distributor to a cool US project which seeks women’s hygiene products.  I’m on it like a rash (pardon the pun), but this opportunity came to me at the beginning of the year and I’m just going to run with it.

It isn’t easy though.  Loads of hours, money and precious time is going into this, but as long as I pace myself i’m convinced it’ll all work – out I’m sure of it.

Been religiously getting wise wisdom from Dave Ramsey and Jon Acuff – need to take baby steps. But to think, 2 years ago I was in dire straits and now I’m thinking of ideas to make things work for me financially, mentally and physically – who’d of thought, huh!

So I’ll be keeping you abreast of my progress with that…my present finances, and my plans involving  my revolving financial future.

Until then, latez will be greaterz

Hi all – I hope you’ve all been well and sorry that I haven’t been active online for a long time.  Life gets in the way 🙂

I’m now hitting my new target – elimination of the mortgage!  

I have 2 mortgages:-
– equity loan over $5k
– main mortgage over $80k

Today (meaning Wednesday) I killed the equity loan.  For some reason I just kept it going like a little kitten which hasn’t got a home!  It wasn’t that expensive, and I thought ‘ah well, it’ll go in 2015 so what’s the rush’.  Well, something hit me two nights ago and I was determined, upon waking up yesterday, to just kill it with some of my emergency fund.  So I did.  And it’s gone…. well, at least from my bank account.  I’ve now got to impatiently wait a few days to make sure it has actually reached my equity loan account and then I’ll be able to breath easily!

It’s funny, because once I made the payment it felt so liberating to do it – even though I was scared to reduce my emergency fund from 6 months to just over 3 months.  However, I bit the bullet and done it.

I’ve also decided to add an additional $900 to my main mortgage, and start reducing that too.  I cannot make any additional payments, other than $900, or I’ll get penalised for the privilege.  So, with the excess amount (for next month), I’ll be putting into a fixed bond account for a couple of years, and then once I have enough then – bam – death of the mortgage for me.

I’m aiming for 3 years max to eliminate this normal household debt-monkey 🙂

Peace, people – and keep on doing what you’re doing – get rid of your chalice around your necks and boot Sally Mae out of the house!

…was just listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio.  I love listening to his show, as it keeps me focused and determined to ‘change my family tree’.

A lady named Queen from Georgia called up for her ‘debt-free’ scream. I had a feeling, as soon as I heard her name, that it was going to be a special one – and it sure was.

She’s 59 years old, and 5 years ago (after someone recommended D.R. to her), she listened to his radio station and it changed her life.  She cleared her mortgage, student loans and other loans of $65k in 5 years, while living on $35k … yes, $35k!!!!  She didn’t sell anything, but just ‘worked damn hard at it’, by ‘living on a budget’.

ANYONE can do this.   Queen is a total inspiration to us all.  She’s a grandma, and shouted out her debt-free scream with her grandson.  She must be so proud – I’m really proud for her as she has given me such a wonderful feeling within.   

When society is chucking payday loans, internet bingo gambling, 0% interest on just about anything to purchase at us on a daily basis, it’s hard to stay focused.  BUT FOCUS YOU MUST BE!

Come on people, we can all do this.  Queen did it.  I have done it.  You have done it.  And some of you still have to do it – however you CAN do it!

Live the dream of financial peace…


…guys (in the UK at least).  If you’ve ever taken out a loan, credit card, mortgage and have or had PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) put onto it, then see if you’re able to claim it back if you feel that you’ve been mis-sold.  

Find your old paperwork, and investigate.  Don’t go through any dodgy company to do it, as you can do it yourself.

I had already received nearly £5k back from a old loan and also a credit card insurance cover, and recently I claimed for a mis-sold PPI with a very old loan which I took out way back in 2003.  I did this claim myself through the bank’s website in December, and today I received a letter mentioning that I was mis-sold and that I’ll be getting back over £2k!  Way to go!  I have to fill in another form as a form of ‘accepting this offer’.  

I need to investigate this a little bit more, to make sure they have indeed given me the right amount given back, and that they are not ‘skanking’ me.

Check your old data, people.  Check if you’ve ever taken out a loan, mortgage, credit card.  These monkeys are slippery people, and will try anything for you to pay extra on stuff you’ve taken out throughout the years.

I’m claiming back everything which these people owe me – and I’m holding no punches!

– – – 

On another note, how are you all getting on with killing your debt-monkey?  
Focus, Focus, Focus
Budget, Budget, Budget
Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice

You can do it – faster than you think, as long as you BELIEVE!  It can happen, I promise you.  I’m living proof that it can…


…during the Christmas period I got stung by a fraudster who attempted to take out £381 from my account on an online transaction.  This failed, however not before another transaction cunningly got through for £100, again as an internet transaction.

My bank were very swift once I found out that there was an issue, and refunded me the money I was out of pocket for.  I’ve had to cancel my debit card and at the moment I’m waiting for the replacement card/internet banking to be reactivated.   Fortunately, as I’m so used to using ‘cash’ I have enough money to live on, it hasn’t affected me one little bit!

So guys, be careful with whom you give your personal data to.  I reckon my card details were fraudulently used by someone who then proceeded in using my data on the net – as an early Christmas present for themselves.

– when you give someone your personal data (over the phone, for example), be very discreet when you read out the details – as you never know whose listening)

– make a budget, and write down ALL your transactions in advance of money being taken out of your account.  Only clear these transactions once it hits your account – that way you’ll know what’s due to come in / go out / still pending.

This is what I’ve noticed : a certain mini cab office whom I gave my details to over the phone (just before Christmas), have not taken out the money that they should of, whilst at the same time fraud was taking place on my card a few days later.  Coincidence?  Who knows, and I cannot prove it, however it’s a lesson – PAY IN CASH WHENEVER POSSIBLE, PEOPLE!


It’s been a whirlwind year.  I cannot believe that I’m now debt-free (minus the house).  I’ve had time to reflect and come to terms with what I’ve achieved – and I reckon I’ve done good.

It’s so easy for people to judge you.  Usually it’s good, encouraging comments, however sometimes you do get the odd one or two who just don’t ‘get it’.  They don’t understand that some people do get themselves into financial difficulties through no fault of their own – whether it’s reckless spending on credit cards and loans, or through getting fleeced by organisations which make you near-bankrupt.   If you’ve never had ‘real’ money troubles, and always been financially ‘sound’ then how the hell can you relate to those who struggle / have different ways of handling money?

It’s just funny how human nature is and people’s reactions to all sorts of situations.  Your feelings before, during and after you ‘conquer’ your demons.  Only you know how you feel – nobody else.  Only you can do what’s best for you.  People ‘think’ they know you, or know what you’re going through and how you’re feeling, but really they have no god-damn idea of how you’re feeling emotionally-wise.  Right now my head is still spinning, still angry, still confused, still happy, still overjoyed, still focused, still…

Do what’s right for you.  Go at your own pace.  Surround yourself with people who are on the same vibe as you.  If you cannot find face2face people, then go to the cyber-world and find them there.  The internet is a powerful tool and it’s helped me so, so much.  I’ve found a wonderful financial guru who has helped me on my journey, and who hasn’t judged others who are still in a situation.  It’s encouragement which people need – and a belief that they can do it.  And, more importantly, an understanding of WHY people get themselves into situations which are difficult to come out of.  Don’t judge them.  Don’t say ‘I feel sorry for these people’ but you really don’t mean it.  You have to understand human characteristics, and the different ways people react to different situations – understand them, feel for them, and DON’T compare them to your situation / actions / beliefs / way of living.

I had to get that off my chest 🙂

I just got paid, and today made the final payment.  Although, it wasn’t as smooth as I hoped.  You see I done something I had to do – silly, but I had to do it.

I ‘needed’ to make a purchase on the last CC (the interest-free one).  I was told by MBNA that if I used my card for this week then that payment would not be required until February 3, 2013.  However, if I used it before this week (like by December 14), it would be included and expected for payment for my January 3, 2013 payment.  Great!  I could make the last ‘official’ payment of just over £600+ for my December paycheck, and when the next payment (transaction was on December 17), would go through for £1,200+, that wouldn’t be due until my next statement, and I could ‘kill’ it then, in one big swoop (so effectively extending my debt-free until my January paycheck.

I stupidly believed them…and I was wrong to.

I looked on CC online today and BAM – £1,886.11 due by January 3, 2013 – or minimum payment of £23.00 to be taken from my direct debit.  BASTARDS, BASTARDS, BASTARDS!

I am MAD!!!!  Why or why did I believe the lovely lady over the phone who said that if I made a transaction w/c December 17, it wouldn’t be required until February 2013!  These people are LIARS! 

My cash flow is TIGHT this month, however I had to do something dramatic.  I HAD to kill the debt-monkey – at a price.  I’ve totally cleaned out my emergency fund in doing this.  I will also be slightly overdrawn sometime next month, however luckily my overdraft is interest-free.  That’s besides the point though – I didn’t want to:-
– use my emergency fund
– use my interest-free overdraft

However I’m sorry people, but I HAD TO DO IT.

I’ll be living on beans & rice / rice & beans.  I’ve got expenses going out this month, but I’m going to have to be TIGHT on myself.  No mercy.  

You credit card companies – I HATE YOU!  I WILL NEVER USE YOU AGAIN – EVER…

Guys, do not trust any of these institutions.  They will fuck you over as much as possible / any way possible.  They do not care.  They will lie through their teeth just for you to SPEND MONEY.  DON’T DO IT.

I’ll keep you abreast of my progress.  However right now, I have to say, I’m so emotional and angry I cannot write anymore.  No doubt once my January salary arrives I’ll be in a better state.  However, until then I was duped by the credit card companies – but I’ve CLEARED IT ALL OFF TODAY.  I’ve cancelled the direct debit too, so that they don’t catch me out.  I had to do the payment today due to the Christmas period, which is always dodgy due to the ‘public holiday’s – so really it should clear from my account in 4 working days time – which equals around Thursday January 3rd (my god, they are tricky bastards).

peace everyone – it’s been emotional…

….I’m getting there

I can proudly say that I’m now down to £621.97 left to pay on my last credit card.  

It’s an MBNA card – Bank of America!  I know that Dave Ramsey HATES Bank of America! I just recently got paid, and although this month is going to be VERY tricky, as I have extra, and unexpected payments coming out, I’m determined that I take this as a priority and kill the debt-monkey as fast as possible.

I’m skint.  Very skint, however I’m down to just over £600 left to pay and it feels GREAT!  There’s no going back now.  Once you make that commitment and move that money straight away to eliminate your debt, you cannot get it back.  That’s why I had to do it!

Where’s there’s a will there’s a way – I’ll find the ‘extra’ money I need for another project mid December somehow.  I’ll just work on what I’ve got.




So, a lot can happen in the space of 30+ days.  Prepare to be astonished….

Last month’s balance:-


Breakdown in October was as follows:-
I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.

– £1,065.01 chucked at the kitchen loan @ 8% interest. £2,745.71 last month reduced to £1,680.70
– £144.96 minimum chucked at 0% CC.  £7,095.49 last month reduced to £6,950.53

– – –
That’s so OLD-SKOOL… here’s Novembers’ balance, peeps – prepare to be ROCKED…

Last month’s balance = £8,631.23
November’s balance = £1,753.29

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you.  I’m rolling, rolling, rolling, ro-ling with this.  I made a few sacrifices.  I pumped the usual £1,200+ per month into this sucker.  However I also SOLD my frigging shares, man.  And I tell you what – Dave Ramsey made me do it – and I’m forever grateful to the dude!  Plus, being the hustler that I am, I’ve been wheelin’ & dealin’ what whatever extra money I could get my hands on by earning more – thank you Lord for making this possible.

After listening to his radio station everyday, and hearing all of the debt-free stories, horror-debt stories and pure common sense coming out from Dave’s mouth, I thought ‘I don’t need this shit’ and just killed ALL of them.

So now, I’m shares-free.   Don’t freak out people, as it doesn’t bother me.  I’m going to build my wealth the Dave Ramsey way, and follow his BabySteps.  I don’t need single shares – it’s too much of a risk, and that money should be working for ME!  I WANT MY MONEY TO BE MY MONEY, AND NOT TESCO BANK / NATWEST / MAGNET KITCHEN / NOBODY’S BUT MY BANANAS!

So, the kitchen loan is gone – bye, bye sucker!  I’ve now got this little balance left which is on the existing 0%, end of the dreaded Natwest credit card, and by the grace of God this will be gone in the next few months!

I feel so much better now, knowing that I’m nearly out of CONSUMER DEBT.  And to think, those suckers are really bombarding me via email on ‘offers’ and ‘temptations’, but I don’t want it!

I CUT UP EVERY SINGLE CREDIT CARD which I had (even though I wasn’t using them).  I also CANCELLED  and CLOSED all of my card accounts.   Why keep something which I’m not planning to use again – ever!

There’s no going back, people.  This revolution is just around the corner.

Debt-monkey – I’m busting your big red ass!  I refuse to be a victim anymore, people.  Come on, we need a revolution.

Looks like I’m creeping ever closer to having my life back again… 🙂  P.E.A.C.E.

….we’re getting there people.   The debt-monkey is losing the battle of consumerism.  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s getting bigger and bigger.

I’ve made a ‘BIG’ sacrifice recently, and took quite a big chunk of money from my shares to get this ball flying out of the window.  I’m sick to death of being sick to death, and in doing this I’ve killed a number of months off this sucker.

Debt-monkey, you cannot tempt me with your stupid money anymore… Your days are seriously numbered.  Best you start looking for your next victim as I’m evicting you very, VERY soon…