Monthly Archives: April 2013

…was just listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio.  I love listening to his show, as it keeps me focused and determined to ‘change my family tree’.

A lady named Queen from Georgia called up for her ‘debt-free’ scream. I had a feeling, as soon as I heard her name, that it was going to be a special one – and it sure was.

She’s 59 years old, and 5 years ago (after someone recommended D.R. to her), she listened to his radio station and it changed her life.  She cleared her mortgage, student loans and other loans of $65k in 5 years, while living on $35k … yes, $35k!!!!  She didn’t sell anything, but just ‘worked damn hard at it’, by ‘living on a budget’.

ANYONE can do this.   Queen is a total inspiration to us all.  She’s a grandma, and shouted out her debt-free scream with her grandson.  She must be so proud – I’m really proud for her as she has given me such a wonderful feeling within.   

When society is chucking payday loans, internet bingo gambling, 0% interest on just about anything to purchase at us on a daily basis, it’s hard to stay focused.  BUT FOCUS YOU MUST BE!

Come on people, we can all do this.  Queen did it.  I have done it.  You have done it.  And some of you still have to do it – however you CAN do it!

Live the dream of financial peace…