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…guys (in the UK at least).  If you’ve ever taken out a loan, credit card, mortgage and have or had PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) put onto it, then see if you’re able to claim it back if you feel that you’ve been mis-sold.  

Find your old paperwork, and investigate.  Don’t go through any dodgy company to do it, as you can do it yourself.

I had already received nearly £5k back from a old loan and also a credit card insurance cover, and recently I claimed for a mis-sold PPI with a very old loan which I took out way back in 2003.  I did this claim myself through the bank’s website in December, and today I received a letter mentioning that I was mis-sold and that I’ll be getting back over £2k!  Way to go!  I have to fill in another form as a form of ‘accepting this offer’.  

I need to investigate this a little bit more, to make sure they have indeed given me the right amount given back, and that they are not ‘skanking’ me.

Check your old data, people.  Check if you’ve ever taken out a loan, mortgage, credit card.  These monkeys are slippery people, and will try anything for you to pay extra on stuff you’ve taken out throughout the years.

I’m claiming back everything which these people owe me – and I’m holding no punches!

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On another note, how are you all getting on with killing your debt-monkey?  
Focus, Focus, Focus
Budget, Budget, Budget
Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice

You can do it – faster than you think, as long as you BELIEVE!  It can happen, I promise you.  I’m living proof that it can…