watch your checking accounts…

…during the Christmas period I got stung by a fraudster who attempted to take out £381 from my account on an online transaction.  This failed, however not before another transaction cunningly got through for £100, again as an internet transaction.

My bank were very swift once I found out that there was an issue, and refunded me the money I was out of pocket for.  I’ve had to cancel my debit card and at the moment I’m waiting for the replacement card/internet banking to be reactivated.   Fortunately, as I’m so used to using ‘cash’ I have enough money to live on, it hasn’t affected me one little bit!

So guys, be careful with whom you give your personal data to.  I reckon my card details were fraudulently used by someone who then proceeded in using my data on the net – as an early Christmas present for themselves.

– when you give someone your personal data (over the phone, for example), be very discreet when you read out the details – as you never know whose listening)

– make a budget, and write down ALL your transactions in advance of money being taken out of your account.  Only clear these transactions once it hits your account – that way you’ll know what’s due to come in / go out / still pending.

This is what I’ve noticed : a certain mini cab office whom I gave my details to over the phone (just before Christmas), have not taken out the money that they should of, whilst at the same time fraud was taking place on my card a few days later.  Coincidence?  Who knows, and I cannot prove it, however it’s a lesson – PAY IN CASH WHENEVER POSSIBLE, PEOPLE!



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