Monthly Archives: December 2012

I just got paid, and today made the final payment.  Although, it wasn’t as smooth as I hoped.  You see I done something I had to do – silly, but I had to do it.

I ‘needed’ to make a purchase on the last CC (the interest-free one).  I was told by MBNA that if I used my card for this week then that payment would not be required until February 3, 2013.  However, if I used it before this week (like by December 14), it would be included and expected for payment for my January 3, 2013 payment.  Great!  I could make the last ‘official’ payment of just over £600+ for my December paycheck, and when the next payment (transaction was on December 17), would go through for £1,200+, that wouldn’t be due until my next statement, and I could ‘kill’ it then, in one big swoop (so effectively extending my debt-free until my January paycheck.

I stupidly believed them…and I was wrong to.

I looked on CC online today and BAM – £1,886.11 due by January 3, 2013 – or minimum payment of £23.00 to be taken from my direct debit.  BASTARDS, BASTARDS, BASTARDS!

I am MAD!!!!  Why or why did I believe the lovely lady over the phone who said that if I made a transaction w/c December 17, it wouldn’t be required until February 2013!  These people are LIARS! 

My cash flow is TIGHT this month, however I had to do something dramatic.  I HAD to kill the debt-monkey – at a price.  I’ve totally cleaned out my emergency fund in doing this.  I will also be slightly overdrawn sometime next month, however luckily my overdraft is interest-free.  That’s besides the point though – I didn’t want to:-
– use my emergency fund
– use my interest-free overdraft

However I’m sorry people, but I HAD TO DO IT.

I’ll be living on beans & rice / rice & beans.  I’ve got expenses going out this month, but I’m going to have to be TIGHT on myself.  No mercy.  

You credit card companies – I HATE YOU!  I WILL NEVER USE YOU AGAIN – EVER…

Guys, do not trust any of these institutions.  They will fuck you over as much as possible / any way possible.  They do not care.  They will lie through their teeth just for you to SPEND MONEY.  DON’T DO IT.

I’ll keep you abreast of my progress.  However right now, I have to say, I’m so emotional and angry I cannot write anymore.  No doubt once my January salary arrives I’ll be in a better state.  However, until then I was duped by the credit card companies – but I’ve CLEARED IT ALL OFF TODAY.  I’ve cancelled the direct debit too, so that they don’t catch me out.  I had to do the payment today due to the Christmas period, which is always dodgy due to the ‘public holiday’s – so really it should clear from my account in 4 working days time – which equals around Thursday January 3rd (my god, they are tricky bastards).

peace everyone – it’s been emotional…

….I’m getting there

I can proudly say that I’m now down to £621.97 left to pay on my last credit card.  

It’s an MBNA card – Bank of America!  I know that Dave Ramsey HATES Bank of America! I just recently got paid, and although this month is going to be VERY tricky, as I have extra, and unexpected payments coming out, I’m determined that I take this as a priority and kill the debt-monkey as fast as possible.

I’m skint.  Very skint, however I’m down to just over £600 left to pay and it feels GREAT!  There’s no going back now.  Once you make that commitment and move that money straight away to eliminate your debt, you cannot get it back.  That’s why I had to do it!

Where’s there’s a will there’s a way – I’ll find the ‘extra’ money I need for another project mid December somehow.  I’ll just work on what I’ve got.