debt stats : October ’12…

here we go peeps…

Last month’s balance = £9,841.20
This month’s balance = £8,631.23

I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.

– £1,065.01 chucked at the kitchen loan @ 8% interest. £2,745.71 last month reduced to £1,680.70
– £144.96 minimum chucked at 0% CC.  £7,095.49 last month reduced to £6,950.53

I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.  I’ve been earning some ‘hustle’ money big-time.  I’m working hard to earn as much extra money as possible, doing extra ‘jobs’ to chuck at this debt.   I’ve concentrated on my YNAB budget, and also did a written budget from my main man Keith Rowlinson from  And I’m not forgetting the new kid on the block, Dave Ramsey.
I’ve subscribed to his radio station, and everyday I’m listening to his podcast.  I’m also audio reading ‘Total Money Makeover’ and doing this gazelle intensity.
I can smell the changes coming guys – I’ve got some more money to chuck at this debt in the next 2 weeks, which have been a blessing, as well as a sacrifice.
You’ve got to do it.  To achieve anything in life you’ve got to : be disciplined, sacrifice & have a plan!
I have such a plan – and I’m going for my debt-freedom.
I have a confession to make, I did receive £163:00 refunded back to me from a policy a did a few years ago, and £142:00 of that went on hotel accommodation booking in January for a trip I’m going to.  I felt very guilty for a few weeks thinking ‘I should be chucking that at the debt or emergency fund’.  I’m over it now, however I still feel a little bit of guilt.  On a positive note, I haven’t neglected my emergency fund and I chucked £225.00 at it this month.  However, after listening to Keith and Dave Ramsey, I know that honestly I should be getting that filled up to £1,000 asap, so I’m gonna work on that when I get paid any day soon – honest 🙂
WE CAN ALL DO THIS, PEOPLE – COME ON.  Debt monkey you can kiss my….
(I want this debt gone so badly, it’s giving me headaches, and it’s all I think about everyday.  I’ve got to keep on going – I’ve got to keep this intensity.  I need to be free – however, it’s really exhausting and takes a lot out of you…)

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