off the wagon, slightly….

I feel guilty guys – very guilty.

Through my extra-curricular I received £163.12 extra into my account today : and spent £142.00 on an event which I really want to go to in January.  I love silent comedy movies: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy, you name them, I know them.   In Bristol (UK), there’s a yearly Silent Movie Festival which I totally enjoy during the last weekend in January.  I go to watch amazing movies/clips, and hear superb documentaries about my heros.  I meet like-minded people who have the same interest as me.  And it’s a great weekend were I get totally immersed in my passion.

So why do I feel so guilty spending this money?  Because I should of put it either straight into my emergency fund or reduce my debt, that’s why.   I know that if I didn’t receive this ‘extra’ money, then I would not of spent this money until nearer to January – however the hotel deal I received was so good (50% off, in the city center, within 5 minutes walking distance to all the venues while when I went last time it was a very expensive B&B I went to, and it was 25 minutes walk downhill (uphill at night) to and from the venues).

I feel bad guys – bad for spending money.  I’ve been so good recently, that doing this is making me feel very guilty.

On a positive front, I’ve already chucked over £1k to my debt account this month.  I should also be receiving extra money the end of this month, so one of my debts (the kitchen) may well be gone come November 1, which will leave me with only my 0% credit card to pay.  I’m doing very good, really good in fact.  Yet, I’ve gone off the wagon, because my thinking of money has changed.

I’m obsessed with debt / getting out of debt / getting back into control.  I’m listening to YNAB podcasts and other frugal podcasts to keep my brain ‘moving’ in the right direction.

Damn, this is SO HARD!

Live like nobody else, so that you can LIVE like nobody else…


  1. You deserve a treat!!! And I also love silent films! Completely in love with Valentino. There was a few months where I wouldn’t watch anything that didn’t have Valentino in it. I even bought a vintage photograph of him to put in my room. Silent films are SO GREAT! have you seen the YT video where it’s Buster Keaton and Chaplin and Valentino and Fatty Arbuckle being silly? It’s CUTE.

    • Oh I’m in love with Harold lloyd! He is so, so cool… I haven’t seen the YT video of Buster, Chaplin, Valentino and Fatty – would love to (will start researching it next year sometime)… Hope you’re well honey, and keeping focused. You can do this…

  2. Thanks! I’m okay. Setbacks…more car issues. Thankfully my dad is a mechanic and has his own shop now. *sigh*
    I’ll be making an update soonish.

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