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The kitchen loan is toast… boom!

Debt-Monkey is trying to strangle me, but I’ve just kicked him to the floor.  We’re having a serious barney right now and he’s showing his true colours – damn, he is a tough cookie!

Wish me luck, people.  This fight is getting vicious….


here we go peeps…

Last month’s balance = £9,841.20
This month’s balance = £8,631.23

I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.

– £1,065.01 chucked at the kitchen loan @ 8% interest. £2,745.71 last month reduced to £1,680.70
– £144.96 minimum chucked at 0% CC.  £7,095.49 last month reduced to £6,950.53

I’ve cleared off £1,209.97 this month – and I’ve been motoring, people – really motoring.  I’ve been earning some ‘hustle’ money big-time.  I’m working hard to earn as much extra money as possible, doing extra ‘jobs’ to chuck at this debt.   I’ve concentrated on my YNAB budget, and also did a written budget from my main man Keith Rowlinson from  And I’m not forgetting the new kid on the block, Dave Ramsey.
I’ve subscribed to his radio station, and everyday I’m listening to his podcast.  I’m also audio reading ‘Total Money Makeover’ and doing this gazelle intensity.
I can smell the changes coming guys – I’ve got some more money to chuck at this debt in the next 2 weeks, which have been a blessing, as well as a sacrifice.
You’ve got to do it.  To achieve anything in life you’ve got to : be disciplined, sacrifice & have a plan!
I have such a plan – and I’m going for my debt-freedom.
I have a confession to make, I did receive £163:00 refunded back to me from a policy a did a few years ago, and £142:00 of that went on hotel accommodation booking in January for a trip I’m going to.  I felt very guilty for a few weeks thinking ‘I should be chucking that at the debt or emergency fund’.  I’m over it now, however I still feel a little bit of guilt.  On a positive note, I haven’t neglected my emergency fund and I chucked £225.00 at it this month.  However, after listening to Keith and Dave Ramsey, I know that honestly I should be getting that filled up to £1,000 asap, so I’m gonna work on that when I get paid any day soon – honest 🙂
WE CAN ALL DO THIS, PEOPLE – COME ON.  Debt monkey you can kiss my….
(I want this debt gone so badly, it’s giving me headaches, and it’s all I think about everyday.  I’ve got to keep on going – I’ve got to keep this intensity.  I need to be free – however, it’s really exhausting and takes a lot out of you…)

…is in action, folks.  I’ve been too busy and too intense to be writing on this blog for a while, so apologise for that.  However, all I will say to ya’ll is ‘the debt-monkey’s days are numbered’.

He has received his eviction notice, and is furious!  So furious he’s now turned vicious on me.  However, I’m winning this battle people, I’m winning.  Look at his worried face below – hell, I nearly fell for his sad eyes jibe!

This revolution of mine is coming to a head – and fast!

Stats are up next…


I feel guilty guys – very guilty.

Through my extra-curricular I received £163.12 extra into my account today : and spent £142.00 on an event which I really want to go to in January.  I love silent comedy movies: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy, you name them, I know them.   In Bristol (UK), there’s a yearly Silent Movie Festival which I totally enjoy during the last weekend in January.  I go to watch amazing movies/clips, and hear superb documentaries about my heros.  I meet like-minded people who have the same interest as me.  And it’s a great weekend were I get totally immersed in my passion.

So why do I feel so guilty spending this money?  Because I should of put it either straight into my emergency fund or reduce my debt, that’s why.   I know that if I didn’t receive this ‘extra’ money, then I would not of spent this money until nearer to January – however the hotel deal I received was so good (50% off, in the city center, within 5 minutes walking distance to all the venues while when I went last time it was a very expensive B&B I went to, and it was 25 minutes walk downhill (uphill at night) to and from the venues).

I feel bad guys – bad for spending money.  I’ve been so good recently, that doing this is making me feel very guilty.

On a positive front, I’ve already chucked over £1k to my debt account this month.  I should also be receiving extra money the end of this month, so one of my debts (the kitchen) may well be gone come November 1, which will leave me with only my 0% credit card to pay.  I’m doing very good, really good in fact.  Yet, I’ve gone off the wagon, because my thinking of money has changed.

I’m obsessed with debt / getting out of debt / getting back into control.  I’m listening to YNAB podcasts and other frugal podcasts to keep my brain ‘moving’ in the right direction.

Damn, this is SO HARD!

Live like nobody else, so that you can LIVE like nobody else…


…the tough gets going  – – – or so the ’80’s hit goes!

It’s been so tough lately.  Debt really does get me down, and even more so is the amount of money I’m wasting each month clearing this thing!  Man, it’s so important to have a budget it’s unreal!

With my YNAB budgeting and also my intense reading on the Keith Rowlinson’s Eclectic site, they are both really keeping me totally focused.  It’s so true, it’s not easy getting out of debt.  Only if you’re determined enough and have the discipline you’ll succeed with the knowledge you gain.

And then there’s articles which have just popped up on the UK site today : the fact that a new law has silently been granted today in which if you have a CCJ (court county judgement) set against you, the creditors ‘can’ legally claw back unpaid credit card and short-term loans by having them secured on your home – so you could LOSE your home in the process as they are now aiming to get this linked to your mortgage!  Jesus, this is scary.


If you’re really determined to get rid of debt, and for good, then you’ve got to have a plan set in place.

Step 1:

Start to read the articles which are straight and to the point.  You may not like what is written in there, but it really does bring your debt home, and there’s no messing.  Acknowledge that you’re in debt / deal with it / change your lifestyle / clear your debts / build on your emergency fund / invest

Step 2:     

In addition to the above, I use an electronic budgeting software, the best one without a doubt is the YNAB system.  I also write everything down on paper in my diary whenever I spend any money – and I keep a weekly total on it.

Both these two websites have totally changed my life and also my way of thinking and handling money.   As Keith Rowlinson has said on a number of occasions, getting out of debt is not easy, and it’s probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever do – however, it will end up being the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done once your debts are cleared for good.

Let’s go for it people – let’s keep focused, keep disciplined, keep determined and gain all the knowledge we’ll ever need by following the two website links above – I mean it.

We can do this – we can shake this monkey off our backs for good!

Peace ‘n’ Love…