debt stats : September ’12

What a month it’s been!  I’ve had to dig into my emergency fund due due to a leak in the bathroom, which ended up dripping down into my living room 😦  I’ve had an ill relative so I’ve been looking after him and also spending so that he is as comfortable at home as possible.  I cannot wait until the end of the month – wow!  So here’s my stats for September, and I’m proud to say that I’ve now passed the double-figures and I’m on single-figures with the amount that I owe – drumroll….

Last month’s balance = £10,745.70
This month’s balance = £9,841.20


– £857.34 chucked at the kitchen loan @ 8% interest. £3,577.07 last month reduced to £2,745.71
– £73.14 minimum chucked at 0% CC.  £7,168.63 last month reduced to £7,095.49

Man, this has been HARD this month, however I’m glad that I managed to chuck £930.48 for this month, considering my minimum payments come up to £189.00!
With a bit of luck I should be getting ‘extra’ money next month, for October, and so I’m going to be intense, intense, intense!
It’s so hard when your friends go out to dinner, and you have to look at your YNAB budgeting tool and think ‘no, I cannot afford it’.  It’s true – I cannot afford it.  However I’m working on improving that situation.  The more I transfer ANY extra cash into my debt, the better it will be, and the sooner I will be out of debt.  That’s the way I see it – and I’m glad I’m keeping focused, albeit it being very difficult these days.
We so need a revolution people – peace!
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  1. You’re awesome! I’m truly impressed with your hard work! I promise to work hard, too. I just wish the end didn’t seem so far away for me. It’s just poopy.

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