debt stats : August ’12

Hi all, and here it is – my debt stats for August.

in July, I managed to shred my debt to £11,803.86… for August I now owe the following amount:-


I chucked £1,084.70 at my debt for this month, and it’s really been tough – however but I did it!

July breakdown:-

– £4,243.49 kitchen loan with 8% interest  = reduced to £3,577.07
– £7,499.09 with 0% credit card  = reduced to £7,168.63

This equates to the following:-

– Loan : £692.96
– 0% credit card : £146.28
– 15.75% credit card, outstanding amount : £245.46

I thought I had finally kicked that 15.75% credit card in the butt, however this week I received an outstanding amount for £16.17p to be paid – typical!

I’ll try to pay off the same amount for September, however it was so tough doing this amount this month, I cannot promise the same intensity – you have been warned in advance 🙂

I overspent this month – there, I said it!  I didn’t want to even mention this to you all, however I feel that I must so that I’m accountable for my actions.  I have a wedding to go to next week.  I had my outfit all figured out.  No spending, that was the plan – and then I was hit with it – we have to wear a pastel outfit.  WHAT?!? I have to confess this really has pushed me off target.  Yep, I’ve now spent some money on a ‘appropriate’ dress as I didn’t have any formal pastel attire.  Damn I hate spending money!!!

My budget spreadsheet has assured me that I’m still on schedule, and so I’ll be able to sort myself out with my end of the month paycheck due the end of this week – hence the reason why I don’t think I’ll make my intensity target for September 😦

Debt monkey : your days are numbered…


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