bolt lightning…

Well, well well – I can now take it easy and breath, properly.  My hero Usain Bolt won the 100 meters at the Olympics just over an hour ago.  In fact, I wasn’t fussed who won, as long as it was a Jamaican, as that’s my heritage.

Now Bolt, Blake (and hopefully Asafa), do your magic at the 200 meters & the relay.  Plus you Jamaican girls, push it too – I’m rooting for ya…

Oh, how I wish I was at the stadium tonight, which is only around 6 miles from where I live.  However, I couldn’t go.  Why, I hear you ask?  Because I’m in fucking debt 😦

Fuck you debt-monkey – fuck you…

  1. DD said:

    You are showing extraordinary will power! Good for you for making a decision that will benefit you…not drag you down.

  2. Oh thanks so much for your comment – it means a lot 🙂

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