the olympics is killing me….

I love sport.  I love the olympics.  And it’s in my town, yet I cannot see it 😦

Why?  Well, for a number of reasons:-

  • I cannot afford the pathetic prices they are charging, it’s criminal 😦
  • the website doesn’t ‘let you’ obtain any tickets – keeps you holding forever and then… nothing’s available
  • I CANNOT afford it 😦

I have a confession.  I’ve been desperately trying to get some tickets, any tickets, from the website for the past 2 weeks.  I couldn’t help myself.  I’m on vacation, I’m in London, the circus is in town, yet I cannot get any tickets.  I want volleyball.  I want gymnastics.  I want handball.  I want athletics, yet zilch.    Are the Gods keeping these tickets away from me and say ‘debt-monkey, debt-monkey, debt-monkey’?

Ah well, I’ll continue to watch it on TV.  The coverage has been superb on the BBC, as you can watch any sport at anytime with the faithful, interactive ‘red button’.

I hate the olympic committee – they are depriving me of going to any events…

I’ve got to be logical, my debt must and should come first above anything.

Yet I have to confess – I’m gutted that I’m not going to any events.  My word, I’m so tight on money, yet I’m still willing to forfeit my debt-regime to be at this spectator-event when really I should be looking to get debt-free as soon as possible 😦

Today to relieve me of my frustration, I punched the debt-monkey in the pussy severely by chucking an additional £90.00 up his pink ass.  This was some work expenses which I got back yesterday, and really should of gone into my checking account for the month, however I was so pissed with not being successful in getting any olympic tickets I kicked that monkey up the ass instead.

Take it up the ass, you monkey, you!


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