packed to the rafters…. liars

‘The stadiums are packed to the rafters’, the journalists keep on harping on about at the olympics.  Yet I’m here, watching the live Handball match against Great Britain and Argentina, and all I can see is rows of empty seats.  Like the other sporting arenas. The olympic organisers have really fucked up on this front.

They started off with ‘very’ empty seats at the most popular events (gymnastics / swimming / archery / soccer etc)  They then blamed it on the ‘Olympic family’ by not using their sponsorship prime seats.  Joe-public who scrimp and saved for the olympic lottery tickets last year, and who were told that all ticketed venues were sold out were lied to.  Fuck the sponsors!

You bastards.  I could be sitting in one of those shiny yellow, green or orange seats right now – bastards!

Yes, I’m still mad…

On another note I wanted to inform you that CC2 has been officially demolished!  I cleared her ass a few days ago, and I’ve now started motoring onto the loan with intensity (or at least when intensity gets a hold of my skinny ass).

So, I just have the loan (which is 8% interest), to clear, and then the 0% balance transfer.  I see a change-a-coming along.

To think, a few months ago I had 3 maxed-out credit cards, 1 kitchen loan, 2 maxed-out overdrafts, no savings, living paycheck 2 paycheck and totally overwhelmed.

Today I have cleared my x2 overdrafts, cleared x2 credit cards, transferred the remaining 16.75% credit card over to a 0% balance transfer, started to motor on and kill my kitchen loan, start building my emergency fund (savings), and having a little bit of money left over each month.  I think I’m beginning to get into a good zone.  I’ve still got a long way to go, as it’s so easy to just say ‘fuck it’, and relax a bit, however I’ve got to stay focused.  I’ve got to.

Check out these sayings from Dave Ramsey:-

  • Normal is broke.  Be weird
  • One definition of maturity is learning to delay pleasure
  • If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else

We need a revolution, people. Let’s go get it…


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