slaying the debt-monkey

The other day I posted some of my favourite blogs, yet I totally forgot this one which really got me motoring way-back-when.  So here it is…

I encourage you all to have a good butchers at this site, and follow the steps if you can.  It’s also very interesting that certain bible quotes within this site really do ring the truth…

At the moment I really am obsessed with getting out of debt.  I need to be.  I need to be focused as temptations are everywhere.  It’s not easy – man, it’s like going cold-turkey, and I don’t like this!  However, I know that if I stay focused, read positive posts / articles, and boomerang my debt each month then I’ll be free from the debt-monkey!  Yep, the debt-monkey is a bastard, and I’m gonna kick it right up that red butt of his.

My emergency fund is growing – slowly, but it’s getting there.  My aim is to get to £1,000 ($1,700+), so that I feel ‘in control’ should any disasters strike.  At the moment I’m well nervous, thinking that something dodgy is gonna happen which will derail me, however ‘pump it girl’ – that’s my motto.

Payments to the debt-monkey is due between July 6-8.  My automatic transfer from my main account will be transferred to my debt-monkey bank account tomorrow – and it better go through!  The reason why I say that is during the past 2 weeks, a certain UK bank has fucked up people’s money big-time, by not making transfers, and not giving people their money due to a computer ‘glitch’. This so happens to be my debt-monkey bank whom I’ve been dealing with on and off for over 20 years! The funny thing is, they are trying to put the blame on some poor junior IT guy in India for the fault – WTF, it’s the bank’s error, not this poor dude!  They just better make sure my transfer goes through smoothly tomorrow and that the payments go through to the creditors in July.  It’s a little too late to postpone the automatic transfers now – but if there’s any fuck-up then they’ll be hell to pay – hell-to-the-no!

People, we really do need a revolution!  Always keep an eye on your checking accounts on a regular basis. Don’t leave anything to chance.  These institutions are beginning to act a little twitchy.  I’m sure that this is the first of many ‘glitches’ which we’re gonna have to start get used to.

Start your emergency funds – even if it’s $500 which you’re able to save up during the course of the year – at least it’s something.  Clear your debts – all of them.  Then finally start saving in a ‘secure’ bank (whatever ‘secure’ means these days).

Peace ‘n’ love…

  1. This was a great post! I totally felt like you were talking directly to me!

    • Good – I’m glad that this is helping you (and others). We can do this. It’s bloody-well hard, but it HAS to be done. Keep it up!

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