starvin’ marvin

Wow, today I was starvin’marvin man – and big time!  I don’t know what happened, as I had my filled packed-lunch of liver, rice & veg (yum), and eating biscuits throughout the day as well.  Yet come home-time, I was so hungry, I made my way to M&S where a cheap packet of crisps (chips) had my name written all over them!  However, I was stopped by my niece right outside the supermarket (I was chatting to her over the phone).  Damn you, pesky, pesky niece 😦

For what it’s worth, once I got home (1.5 hours later, I must add), I was glad I didn’t waste the money.  Admittedly it would of only been 65p, but 65p mounts up – right!  

Just finished my dinner, plus even more biscuits and tea – yum…. I needed that…

Oh, and I’ve decided to just concentrate on a) my debt @ b) building my emergency fund.  I cannot do the ‘buffer’ as well – that’s a long-term aim, while the emergency & debt are equally pressing 🙂

I’m getting there people, ride with me…


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