i did it!

Payday was yesterday, and I did it – I actually ‘made’ money!  I’m so happy!

– £100 left in my checking account prior to payday (this hasn’t happened in over a decade!)
– Just did my budgeting for the forthcoming month and I am already up to a £240 buffer – crazy!
– YNAB 4 has just been released – and it’s changing my world!  Check it out : http://ynab.me/chrissie
– My emergency fund is building – slowly, but it’s getting there
– I’m getting stress-free

OK, admittedly I’ve quite a few ‘outflows’ for July to get through, what with a music festival and 2 baby christenings to go to, plus a few other stuff, however I’m determined to keep focused and make this work.

I’ve decided to do something – radical – as I got paid yesterday, and July 1 is this Sunday, I’m trying not to use any of my salary from my checking account for the next few days, and only dip into my original £100 buffer if I need to.  I’m trying to discipline myself to not ‘live on the edge’ by relying on my payday every 26th of the month, but start using my money in the month it’s allocated for.  That way, I hope that I’m able to ‘buffer’ myself even better!  Let’s see – wish me luck.

We need a revolution people, and I’m going for it.  I’m gonna kick this debt in the goolies, and it’s gonna feel some PAIN!



  1. YES! I KNEW you could do it! You’re doing so well! I hope I can do as well as you!

  2. Hi Debtfreeclub – and thanks so much for your encouraging words. We can both do this together, girlfriend. We just need to focus – and if we have any setbacks, the most important thing is the carry on, regardless! Of course we’re gonna get kicked in the goalies ourselves, what with everyday life activities, however we can do this – and soon we’ll be able to see the benefits in technicolor!

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