3 days before payday

I get paid on Tuesday.

I’m desperate to spend money! 😦

Jesus, this is hard.  I’ve got to keep focused.  Going cold-turkey is NO JOKE!

On the plus side, Fluid credit card 0% balance transfer is legit 🙂  I’ve transferred CC1 and most of CC2 – which will leave around £1.5k to kill off first @ 16.75% APR.  Then I’ll attack the loan of £4.3k @ 8%, and last the balance transfer @ 0% interest.  That way I’ll be paying the least amount of interest as I don’t want to give these mother-fuckers anymore interest than what they deserve.

Oh, and YNAB is AWESOME!  For fucks sake it looks like I’ll be in credit by £100 this month left in my bank account.  That hasn’t happened for about 12+ years, having money left in my account after payday.  Man, this budgeting really is doing the trick.  Check it out people, it’s changing my frigging life!


peace ‘n’ love…

1 comment
  1. You’re on a roll! I bet you beat this debt junk by the end of the year!

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