these CC companies are evil b*****ds

I don’t believe it!  I’ve just opened my post for today, and what do I find?

  • Vanquis Bank : Priority invitation: Pre Selected Status = credit between £150-£1k, with an increased credit to £3k when I stay within my credit limit and make my payments on time

WTF!!  I don’t want this shit.  Why are they targeting me again?  Is it because I’m now starting to clear my debt, by clearing CC1 and nearly killing off CC2 that they think they have the right to start bombarding me with their shit again, to get back into debt?  No frigging way.

This notice has come from a Jane Farmer, Customer Service: Vanquis Bank.  Who the fuck is Vanquis Bank anyhow?   Oh, and what’s with my date of birth, time living in my present accommodation and salary being completely off the radar?  Should I be concerned, people?  Could this be fraud?

I’m gonna send this Ms Farmer a 4-letter rant from me – as I’m not interested, and I never will be interested ever again.

Talk about putting temptation right in your face, when you’re trying hard to get rid of this crap.  It’s beginning to make me feel dubious of the Fluid Liquid CC too which appeared this week.  The balance transfer offer etc, etc.  Damn, these people are slick!

Watch them people.  This is what they are trying to do to us.  Keep us in debt forever.  Let’s not let them win – damn these evil people.  I’m gonna kick this Ms Farmer in the butt as she’s messing with the wrong bitch…


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