are these guys for real?

Looking at ways of cutting costs, gravitating money and paying the big debt.  So I investigated on how much I could sale my car for on the catchy ‘we buy any car . com’ website.  I don’t use the car – mainly during the weekends, if you’re lucky.  It’s a beautiful little zippy city car which I bought from a dealership in 2003 for around £4.5k.

I knew it wasn’t going to be worth that much, however the website was taking the piss! OK, to be honest, this is what’s wrong with it:-

  • it hasn’t had a full service for over a year
  • it needs an MOT, since a month ago
  • the clutch has gone
  • it cannot move from the driveway

Yet I love the little thing.  It’s ‘my’ car.  The partner would use it mainly for his job, yet as soon as the clutch went he’s been very reluctant in getting it fixed.  So he’s looking at me to get it fixed, no doubt.  Hell-to-the-no.

I did two quotes.  The first was as though it was in perfect condition = £1,750 (hummm)…
My niece then told me to be honest – ‘Tell them the truth PB’ – I did = £200 (WTF)…
I then did one final quote, but this time with the MOT added = £205 (are they out of their frigging minds?)

I’ve decided to just leave the car and deal with it another time.  I mean, this is just pure madness!  I might as well give it to the loan-sharks to take away for free!

However, I think that I have got a bit of good news.  Reading my emails today I received a credit card quote from Fluid Finance offering 0% balance transfer on my debt for 16 months.  Considering I got rejected nearly 2 months ago for the loan, I gathered that there would be no chance of getting this accepted.  However, the email did say that the search wouldn’t affect my credit report record, so I went for it – and I only got it in principle – hell-to-the-yeah!  I have to wait for the paperwork, but I’ve decided to totally transfer the x2 credit cards over to the 0% deal, and just deal with the small 8% loan first, before dealing with the 0%.  16 months = an end date of October 2013.  I can do this*

I’ll let you know whether this was just a dream or not when the paperwork finally appears through the letter-box.  woohoo – this is just too good to be true, say what?!

(*I couldn’t risk the whole £12k+ on the balance transfer as I was sure it wouldn’t go through, so I decided just to go for the x2 credit cards instead as their interest rates are 16.75 and 15.75% respectively.  If this is officially approved, I may well contact this finance company and see if I could then transfer the remaining £4k+ left on the loan at the same time.  Wish me luck!)

  1. Wishing you luck! 🙂 Not sure if you have a craigslist or something similar or even put an ad in a paper listing the price you want along with whats wrong with it? We did that when our car died and it was amazing how many calls we got and sold it for a decent price to someone who knew how to fix it and wanted it for a demolition derby car………that or tear it apart yourself and piece by piece take it to a metal recycling center! The engine alone by itself is around $100 as scrap metal here in the US.

    Or you could just cut out the bottom and Fred Flinstone it LOL.

  2. Yeah, we have something similar called I could do that – let’s see. I like the idea of Freddie Flinstone 🙂

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