i hate you so much right now…. aaggghhh

I’ve recently heard the news that Martin Lewis, the UK’s people’s champion, has sold his very popular website business (moneysavingexpert) to moneysupermarket.com for absolute millions of £££s last week – WTF?

I thought you were for us, the people, Martin?  I thought you genuinely were looking out for the normal jo-bloggs struggling to beat the greedy business corporations of this world, with your witty banter on Daybreak, your charismatic charm on your TV program and also your (then) tatty-looking, yet very informative and engaging website.

I should of known your cheeky smile was all a sinister act for us to trust you implicitly, only to stab us all in the back by selling your company and running off into the wilderness with your fiance!  Am I pissed?  YES.  Why?  I don’t know – all I know is that I feel cheated by the whole thing.  Anyone whose from the UK knows of Martin Lewis.  He is the consumer’s friend, who would fight our corner so that we knew our rights.  Who helped us out of debt, being double-crossed by the banks, for getting our PPI insurance compensation back.  He has worked like a lion for us, since (I think) 2003, or there abouts, with such passion and enthusiasm – everyone fell for him.  And now, it’s announced in the media that he’s just sold his company for around £89 million (cash & shares).  He reckons he’ll still be ‘working’ on the website, and fighting our corner, but something tells me that he won’t be.  He’s a smooth criminal by gaining our trusts, making a whopping fortune and now buggering off.

I’m sorry… I’m just bitter… and sad… and really feel cheated.  Don’t ask me why, I just do.

I received a tweet this evening from him saying, I quote: ‘Grrr.. Be careful if your phone wants to update to Android 4. Mines just done it and wiped all my customised settings and folders’

GOOD (karma’s a bitch!)  You should of got an iPhone, sucker!  (reminder to self… unfollow Mr Lewis right now).

I’ve always preferred Paul Lewis, actually, and even more so now (no relation, btw).  He’s much more genuine, more professional, and knows vast more information than you, Mr ‘kop-out’ Martin – so there…


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