I’m watching the Apple WWDC live on twit.tv as we speak.  Damn, they’re only churning out a complete new range of mac computers.  Don’t these people know that I get all giddy whenever a new product comes out from them?   Count to 10, Purchase Baby, count to 10…

Temptation really gets to you. You’re on a journey of getting out of debt.  You try to minimise shopping with a list.  You by-pass all those fancy department stores which are 2 minutes walk from where you work, so that you don’t get pulled into all of the razzamatazz of the glistening products.  You make your excuses of not going to leaving parties, or social drink functions because you know where it’ll lead.   Temptation… it’s a seriously dangerous word, and even more dangerous as an acton.

i want to get a new computer.  I need a new computer.  However, I cannot afford a new computer.  OMG…

I think I’m going to leave the office right now, and try to avoid all the tabloids and news reports today and in the coming weeks.  I’ve got to think about the main goal in site – getting out of this damn debt – but oh how temptation can really get the better of you, huh?

phew… I need a Shandy!

  1. LJ said:

    Hi, new to your blog by way of Claire. Will you be putting up amounts on your blog? Total owed, accounts, etc, so we can see (and cheer you on!) your debt melting?

  2. Temptation is awful. I’m just the same but with craft stuff. And nerd stuff. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I unplugged the pc and tv etc and had minimal opportunities to see all the cool stuff that I could buy (with money I don’t really have)…I can hear eBay calling me. lol

    • Temptation is evil 😦 eBay is ringing your front door – go answer it 🙂

      • HAHA! I’ll have a fake eBay store. (AKA yard sale) lol

  3. LJ – thanks for your post. Yes, I will set this up. Will send tomorrow once I look at my paperwork. It’ll be good to actually see in back and white!

  4. Temptations is a nasty opponent for sure! Perhaps everytime you are tempted you could put the money in a sealed jar with a date on it that it can be opened. Every time you are tempted throw whatever you would of typically spent on whatever is tempting you. On the date you can open it, do so and you may be suprised at how much you will have to make a large payment towards your debt!

  5. DD said:

    Temptation is a FOE…that I quickly think is too strong for me…and thus, I give in…and have remorse later…it’s a vicious cycle.

    Have you looked at second hand computers? Even just posting on facebook or telling some people to keep an ear out about a good computer. Things happen and people need to off load items in GREAT shape.

    Stay strong…

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