my may salary has gone into action

I’ve started guys.  I got paid on May 25, and I’ve already started to PUNCH DEBT IN THE FACE (isn’t that a cool saying?  It’s from a wicked website named exactly that!)

I’m punching credit card no.2 (Tesco) right in the nuts.  You’re gonna get it.  I snowballed £300, plus I was able to obtain an extra £300 at the end of last month too, to create a snowflake.  With a bit of luck, any spare change I’ll have from my YNAB budgeting at the end of this month will be going into Tesco, and I’ll be kicking its fat arse into outer space.

I’m so heated up – I cannot wait for my next payday or any extra money (which i should get, but I’m not counting on it – if it comes, it comes). Man, I really do feel in control, and excited, and determined to sort out my debt, start saving for an emergency fund, organise my rainy-day money and, more importantly, stop living paycheck 2 paycheck by creating a buffer.  I’m on a roll, people.  We need a revolution people, and I’m going for it!

YNAB rocks – every dollar has a job (Yes Sir!)


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