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Since getting serious about this chalice around my neck (that’s my debt to you), I’ve been like a woman possessed on gathering great debt blogs on the internet. ¬†To get that ‘inspiration’ and ‘thank fuck it’s not just me’ kind of vibe, you know?

Well, there’s a few corkers which I’d like to share with ya’ll:-

There’s been plenty more, however these ones have really kept me focused on the job, so to speak.

I encourage you all to have a butchers at these blogs as well, as they are all so inspirational in such different ways.

LaterzGaterz ūüôā

Wow, today I was starvin’marvin man – and big time! ¬†I don’t know what happened, as I had my filled packed-lunch of liver, rice & veg (yum), and eating biscuits throughout the day as well. ¬†Yet come home-time, I was so hungry, I made my way to M&S where a cheap packet of crisps (chips) had my name written all over them! ¬†However, I was stopped by my niece right outside the supermarket (I was chatting to her over the phone). ¬†Damn you, pesky, pesky niece ūüė¶

For what it’s worth, once I got home (1.5 hours later, I must add), I was glad I didn’t waste the money. ¬†Admittedly it would of only been 65p, but 65p mounts up – right! ¬†

Just finished my dinner, plus even more biscuits and tea – yum…. I needed that…

Oh, and I’ve decided to just concentrate on a) my debt @ b) building my emergency fund. ¬†I cannot do the ‘buffer’ as well – that’s a long-term aim, while the emergency & debt are equally pressing ūüôā

I’m getting there people, ride with me…

Payday was yesterday, and I did it – I actually ‘made’ money! ¬†I’m so happy!

– ¬£100 left in my checking account prior to payday (this hasn’t happened in over a decade!)
РJust did my budgeting for the forthcoming month and I am already up to a £240 buffer Рcrazy!
– YNAB 4 has just been released – and it’s changing my world! ¬†Check it out :¬†
– My emergency fund is building – slowly, but it’s getting there
– I’m getting stress-free

OK, admittedly I’ve quite a few ‘outflows’ for July to get through, what with a music festival and 2 baby christenings to go to, plus a few other stuff, however I’m determined to keep focused and make this work.

I’ve decided to do something – radical – as I got paid yesterday, and July 1 is this Sunday, I’m trying not to use any of my salary from my checking account for the next few days, and only dip into my original ¬£100 buffer if I need to. ¬†I’m trying to discipline myself to not ‘live on the edge’ by relying on my payday every 26th of the month, but start using my money in the month it’s allocated for. ¬†That way, I hope that I’m able to ‘buffer’ myself even better! ¬†Let’s see – wish me luck.

We need a revolution people, and I’m going for it. ¬†I’m gonna kick this debt in the goolies, and it’s gonna feel some PAIN!


I get paid on Tuesday.

I’m desperate to spend money! ūüė¶

Jesus, this is hard. ¬†I’ve got to keep focused. ¬†Going cold-turkey is NO JOKE!

On the plus side, Fluid credit card 0% balance transfer is legit ūüôā ¬†I’ve transferred CC1 and most of CC2 – which will leave around ¬£1.5k to kill off first @ 16.75% APR. ¬†Then I’ll attack the loan of ¬£4.3k @ 8%, and last the balance transfer @ 0% interest. ¬†That way I’ll be paying the least amount of interest as I don’t want to give these mother-fuckers anymore interest than what they deserve.

Oh, and YNAB is AWESOME! ¬†For fucks sake it looks like I’ll be in credit by ¬£100 this month left in my bank account. ¬†That hasn’t happened for about 12+ years, having money left in my account after payday. ¬†Man, this budgeting really is doing the trick. ¬†Check it out people, it’s changing my frigging life!

peace ‘n’ love…

I’m going on a year-long¬†Spending Fast, and it’s all down to Anna from¬†

Just check out her article on what this entails, and you’ll see why. ¬†If she can clear over 26k of debt in 15 months, then I sure as hell can clear 12k of debt in the timeframe – if not sooner (by the grace of God).

This girl rocks!


I don’t believe it! ¬†I’ve just opened my post for today, and what do I find?

  • Vanquis Bank : Priority invitation: Pre Selected Status = credit between ¬£150-¬£1k, with an increased credit to ¬£3k when I stay within my credit limit and make my payments on time

WTF!! ¬†I don’t want this shit. ¬†Why are they targeting me again? ¬†Is it because I’m now starting to clear my debt, by clearing CC1 and nearly killing off CC2 that they think they have the right to start bombarding me with their shit again, to get back into debt? ¬†No frigging way.

This notice has come from a Jane Farmer, Customer Service: Vanquis Bank. ¬†Who the fuck is Vanquis Bank anyhow? ¬† Oh, and what’s with my date of birth, time living in my present accommodation and salary being completely off the radar? ¬†Should I be concerned, people? ¬†Could this be fraud?

I’m gonna send this Ms Farmer a 4-letter rant from me – as I’m not interested, and I never will be interested ever again.

Talk about putting temptation right in your face, when you’re trying hard to get rid of this crap. ¬†It’s beginning to make me feel dubious of the Fluid Liquid CC too which appeared this week. ¬†The balance transfer offer etc, etc. ¬†Damn, these people are slick!

Watch them people. ¬†This is what they are trying to do to us. ¬†Keep us in debt forever. ¬†Let’s not let them win – damn these evil people. ¬†I’m gonna kick this Ms Farmer in the butt as she’s messing with the wrong bitch…

I’ve received an email today from MBNA confirming the credit. However, i’m a little confused as it’s a little less than I thought, and there’s no mention of the balance transfer. ¬†Hummm…. I cannot contact them today as it’s the weekend and they only operate during weekdays.

I’ll have to wait until then. ¬†That’s cool, let’s just see. ¬†I just want it for the balance transfer – and nothing else. ¬†If anything, I’ll use the amount which they are offering me to pay off CC2 in full, and CC1 I’ll just attempt to kill by the end of this month – let’s see.

On another level, my budgeting seems to be going very well. ¬† The fact that I’m actually budgeting with what I’ve got has made me realise exactly where I’m going, and how I’m spending. ¬†I get paid of the 26th, and I cannot wait to see how my ‘buffer’ is getting on. ¬†Wish me luck…


Looking at ways of cutting costs, gravitating money and paying the big debt. ¬†So I investigated on how much I could sale my car for on the catchy ‘we buy any car . com’ website. ¬†I don’t use the car – mainly during the weekends, if you’re lucky. ¬†It’s a beautiful little zippy city car which I bought from a dealership in 2003 for around ¬£4.5k.

I knew it wasn’t going to be worth that much, however the website was taking the piss! OK, to be honest, this is what’s wrong with it:-

  • it hasn’t had a full service for over a year
  • it needs an MOT, since a month ago
  • the clutch has gone
  • it cannot move from the driveway

Yet I love the little thing. ¬†It’s ‘my’ car. ¬†The partner would use it mainly for his job, yet as soon as the clutch went he’s been very reluctant in getting it fixed. ¬†So he’s looking at me to get it fixed, no doubt. ¬†Hell-to-the-no.

I did two quotes. ¬†The first was as though it was in perfect condition = ¬£1,750 (hummm)…
My niece then told me to be honest – ‘Tell them the truth PB’ – I did = ¬£200¬†(WTF)…
I then did one final quote, but this time with the MOT added = £205 (are they out of their frigging minds?)

I’ve decided to just leave the car and deal with it another time. ¬†I mean, this is just pure madness! ¬†I might as well give it to the loan-sharks to take away for free!

However, I think that I have got a bit of good news. ¬†Reading my emails today I received a credit card quote from Fluid Finance offering 0% balance transfer on my debt for 16 months. ¬†Considering I got rejected nearly 2 months ago for the loan, I gathered that there would be no chance of getting this accepted. ¬†However, the email did say that the search wouldn’t affect my credit report record, so I went for it – and I only got it in principle – hell-to-the-yeah! ¬†I have to wait for the paperwork, but I’ve decided to totally transfer the x2 credit cards over to the 0% deal, and just deal with the small 8% loan first, before dealing with the 0%. ¬†16 months = an end date of October 2013. ¬†I can do this*

I’ll let you know whether this was just a dream or not when the paperwork finally appears through the letter-box. ¬†woohoo – this is just too good to be true, say what?!

(*I couldn’t risk the whole ¬£12k+ on the balance transfer as I was sure it wouldn’t go through, so I decided just to go for the x2 credit cards instead as their interest rates are 16.75 and 15.75% respectively. ¬†If this is officially approved, I may well contact this finance company and see if I could then transfer the remaining ¬£4k+ left on the loan at the same time. ¬†Wish me luck!)

April 2012: Full amount of debt which I owe = £20,103.23 Рsay what?!?!

April 2012

  1. overdraft 1 = £850.00
  2. overdraft 2 = £500.00
  3. friend’s loan = ¬£500.00
  4. CC1 = £2,666.87 (21.9% APR)
  5. CC2 = £4,891.11 (16.79% APR)
  6. CC3 = £7,645.40 (15.75% APR)
  7. Loan = £4,399.85 (8% APR) Рnote, it was more than this, but I cannot remember exact amount
    – then fight to claw back what’s rightfully mine began –¬†

May 2012

  1. overdraft 1 = £850.00 : new balance = £0.00 (due to windfall)
  2. overdraft 2 = £500.00 : new balance = £0.00 (due to windfall)
  3. friend’s loan = ¬£500.00 :¬†new balance = ¬£0.00 (due to windfall)
  4. CC1 = £2,666.87 : new balance = £0.00 (due to windfall)
  5. CC2 = £4,891.11new balance = £1,715.66 (due to windfall)
  6. CC3 = £7,645.40new balance = £7,568.63 (minimum payment)
  7. Loan = £4,399.85new balance = £4,223.49 (5-year fixed loan)

– let’s make some history, and start snowballing/snowflaking these suckers –

June 2012

  • CC2 = ¬£ 1,715.66 : new balance = ¬£953.56
  • CC3 = ¬£7,568.63 : new balance = ¬£7,499.09
  • Loan = ¬£4,223.49 : new balance = ¬£4,223.49

So there you have it, people. ¬†In April I was ¬£20,103.23 in debt. ¬† However, by June I’ve managed to reduce it to ¬£12,676.14

It hasn’t been easy! ¬†A lot of ‘good’ money went through my fingers via windfalls, to reduce my debt, which makes me feel physically sick just thinking about it. ¬†However, I had to use that money – much that it burns me to say it – so that I can crack on and be debt-free as quickly as possible.

Each month I’ll keep you up-to-date on how I’m doing. ¬†However right now, I’m literally killing CC2 by snowballing/snowflakes, and I’m aiming to start killing the big CC3 with my July paycheck. ¬†I’m starting with the highest interest first and working my way down.

It’s not pretty. ¬†I never said it would be. ¬†However, let the games begin, and I hope to God that I win this almighty battle. ¬†Let’s knock this sucker out!

We need a revolution people – let’s go get it!