Bazuca that Verruca

OMG – a lot can happen in the space of two weeks!  I have been working overtime to give myself a ‘kick’ in the butt with regards to my debt.   Here’s an update…

– Shares: £3,165.32 was transferred into my bank account on May 10.  I had to do the right thing and… a) pay off my main current account overdraft of £500, b) pay of my secondary current account overdraft of £850.00, c) pay my best friend a loan amount of £500, and d) pay an outstanding £15.00 to a dear friend, who told me to forget about it in February, but that’s besides the point!

I felt liberated!  I am ‘NOT’ going to use my overdraft again.  I cannot.  I’ve lived on my secondary account overdraft for too many years, and then started using my main account overdraft during the past year (and living in it too).  It was actually sickening to pay that amount of money in the first place, when really, it should of gone straight to credit card number 3!!!  The remaining amount of money I put straight into my credit card number 3, which was £1,300.  Now THAT was good to do….

I have stumbled a little, however, during the last few days, as well, but picked myself up again within 24 hours!  I had a wedding to go to, and I had budgeted £100 for taxis, hairdressers and any extras.  Well, the extra’s ended up consisting of a £219 Mulberry evening bag – why? – because I couldn’t find my existing one at home!  I bought the ‘beautiful’ Mulberry bag at TK Maxx.  The bastards only took around £70+ off the original price of £295.00.  I loved it, for all of 24 hours and then took it right back the following day after the wedding to get a refund.  Man, they DON’T want to give refunds back – especially if it’s of a high value like the bag.  However, after around 20 minutes of ‘waiting’ for the manager and then another manager, and then another manager to ‘authorise’ it, they gave me my money back 🙂  That was a close shave!  I did feel sick actually ‘giving’ the bag back, however now I know it was the best thing to do.  I also bought a strapless bra for my strapless dress which was £16.20 from Ann Summers.  However, when I took it home, I noticed a big fuck-off security tag still left on it – bastards.  I was taking that bra back but not before wearing it the shit out!  The security tag didn’t show at the back of the dress (thank god) and didn’t stick out so I wore that sucker and then took the bra back the next day complaining that ‘I couldn’t wear my strapless dress because of your incompetence in leaving the security tag on a bra I couldn’t even wear’.  I got away with that too :))  Bad girl, very bad girl!  I did, however, spend £35.00 on gold pearl stud earrings.  I stupidly left my other silver stud Tiffany’s at home like a mug, and I didn’t have enough time to get back home to get it (as I was getting ready at my mothers’ house).  I couldn’t get a refund for that so that was bad!  However, I had to have earrings to ‘fit in’ with the whole outfit.  I know it was bad of me, especially as I could of bought replicas from Primark for £1.00 and then throw them away, but I didn’t.  I’ve still got the spending habit in me.  I mean come on, what do you expect?  But I’m working darn hard on flushing it out of my system.  This one got away (on the Sunday when I returned the other goods, I did go to the jewellers to see if I could get a refund, but they told me no returns on studs – fair enough, I knew that. At least I asked!).

I was waiting for that ‘cheque’ from Nationwide – the PPI refund.  I got home on that Sunday (after I took everything back to the mall for a refund, that is!), and what was in front of me but an envelope.  Could this be it, I wondered?  I opened it up and there, in front of me, was a letter with a cheque tucked within it – it was the cheque – all £4,679.10 of it – RESULT!  The next day I cashed it, and had to wait until yesterday (May 18) before the funds were available!  During the afternoon it gave me great pleasure to: a) completely clear credit card no.3 in full (minus an extra interest charge which I will be charged next month, apparently around £45.00 – bastards), and also 3 thirds off credit card no. 2!  £3,241.35 transfer to the 2nd card, which leaves around £1,5k+ on that card, or maybe a little less.  IT FEELS GREAT!  Please note that £900+ of that cheque I received, I have to declare as tax – darn, I’ll declare that… soon.

I have a confession, though…. Thursday just gone I did buy two items at Selfridges:- a) clothes brush which my mum has been bugging me to buy for her for the past 2 months.  It cost £8.99, and, b) forgive me when I say this, a cute purse-size bottle of Daisy eau so fresh by Marc Jacobs, plus refill for £29.50.  I’ve been eyeing this up for the past month since my best friend introduced me to it.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t of done this, and I know that the perfume will still be there when I’m debt-free one day.  However, i just had to.  I wanted it to be a ‘well done’ gift.  It’s not easy taking your money from your shares and putting it down to debt.  I know it’s the right thing, but it damn-well hurt when I did it, I can tell you!  And yes, the PPI money was ‘extra’, but damn – out of that money just a little ‘well done’ pat on the back had to go to me for applying for the PPI in the first place – right?  OK, it was my niece who told me to find out about PPI as ‘you never know’ so the credit has to really go to her, but I’ll let her know that one day – just not now – I’m on a mission!

I looked at my debt manager app after doing my transactions and updating my info on the app.  WOW, Credit Card no. 3 = CLEARED / Credit Card no. 2 = £1.5k+ outstanding.  I can bazuca that verruca in 2-3 months, according to my app!  Then I’ll deal with the big Credit Card no. 1 which is over £7k and last the loan for the kitchen which is over £4k and that’ll be it – I’LL BE DEBT-FREE (with a mortgage still outstanding over £60k, of course!).

I’m  33% into my debt within a matter of weeks and I haven’t even properly snowballed / snowflaked with my salary yet – that starts as of Friday when I get paid!  It’s the fact that I’ve made a massive sacrifice and took my shares out, and was very fortunate to have nearly £5k given to me by way of compensation by the banks!  Way to go….

£19,603.23 now reduced to £13,001.58.  Now the hard work begins.  I want to be debt-free within 12 months – or maximum 15 months.  Here I come.

Let’s work at it people, let’s bazuca that verruca – and clear our debts.  We need a revolution, and I’m working on it – on my own!  If I DO get any extra money, I just have to put it towards my debt from now on!



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